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[Vol.34 (2020)] Toegye Yi Hwang’s “Refutation of Wang Yangmyeong’s Record for Practice”
Author : Philip J. Ivanhoe
Date : 20.08.27
Page : 73–103
Keyword : Wang Yangmyeong, “Jeonseumnok nonbyeon”, Record for Practice, Toegye
Abstract :

  The first part of this article offers a translation and analysis of Toegye’s

arguments against Wang Yangmyeong’s philosophy as seen in his short

but highly influential essay “Jeonseumnok nonbyeon” (Ch. Chuanxilu

lunbian 傳習錄論辯) (Refutation of Wang Yangmyeong’s Record for Practice).

It presents an analysis of the arguments found in this influential and

remarkable piece of writing and suggests some ways Wang or his later

followers might have responded to several of Toegye’s criticisms. It also

sketches some ways that certain of Toegye’s arguments raise issues that

remain of interest to philosophers today, not only in regard to how the

later Confucian tradition is conceived and studied but also in regard to

how we think about human nature and moral psychology and how we

might work to improve the former through a process of self-cultivation.

The last part (Section IV) of the article presents the first complete English

translation of Toegye’s text.

Attachments : 3(Philip J. Ivanhoe)0826(e).pdf

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