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[Vol.34 (2020)] Im Yunjidang’s View of Material Composition
Author : Hae-Im Lee
Date : 20.08.27
Page : 105–128
Keyword : original nature, material composition, mind, ritual, Yi I
Abstract :

Im Yunjidang is a female Neo-Confucian who established her own theoretical

system by criticizing Han Won-jin, Kim Chang-hyeop, and Im

Seong-ju. According to Im Yunjidang, they misunderstood the relationship

between one’s nature and material composition. Han Won-jin stated that

the former is separated from the latter; Kim Chang-hyeop argued the

former is limited by the latter, and Im Seong-ju insisted that the latter is

one’s nature originally given from heaven. Im Yunjidang claimed that the

one’s original nature is principle (li 理), while one’s material composition

can move toward good or evil. Here, nature is one principle which guides

one’s material composition in the direction of good. In addition, mind—

the part of the self which contains principle—is the agent which leads

the material in the direction of good. This coincides with the structure

of removing greed and recovering nature by learning ritual, according

to the philosophy of Yi I. Therefore, Im Yunjidang faithfully follows Yi

I’s philosophy.

Attachments : 4(LEE Hae-Im)0826(e).pdf

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