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Announcement of JCPC Submission Changes
Author : admin() Date : 2019-04-02 Views : 503

We are planning to take a leap with new editor-in-chief, Philip J. Ivanhoe (currently chair professor at Sungkyunkwan University). 

This is to strengthen the international network and further strengthen the English section of the journal. 

Under the new policy, some necessary changes were identified. The new policy takes effect on March 1, 2019.  


The major changes are as follows:  

1. Languague of manuscripts  

Previous: both English and Chinese manuscripts  

Current: mainly English manuscript  


2. Honorarium  

We do not pay for the honorarium to authors. However, in the case of special issue, honorarium may be made for guest editors. 

We appreciate your continuous interest in our journal. 


Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture 

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